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Executive Committee 2019-2020

  • President: Angela Molaschi, Technical Operations Manager, NTC Srl (Novelty. Technology. Care)
  • Vice-president: Lucia Ceresa, Senior European Product Specialist, Microbial Solutions Charles River
  • Secretary: Michele Simone, Quality Risk Management & Continual Improvements Director, Corporate Quality management, Bracco Suisse SA
  • Treasurer: Gabriele Peron, Senior Marketing Advisor at Stevanato Group 


Gabriele Peron, Angela Molaschi, Lucia Ceresa, Michele Simone


Steering Committee 2019-2020    

  • Paolo Curtò -Subject Matter Experts, Managing Director, D.O.C.
  • Mirko Gabriele - Coordinator of younger professionals, Production Director Patheon Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Mauro Giusti - Membership developer, Lilly Italy TSMS (Technical Svcs/Mfg Science Department) Director & Manufacturing Sourcing and Vendor Management
  • Antonio Legnani - Subject Matter Experts, Technical Director Masco group.
  • Duccio Mattii - Subject Matter Experts, Head Quality Polysaccharide and Meningococcus Product Quality Strategy & Lifecycle, GSK Vaccines Srl
  • Giuseppe Paganini - Communication developer, Sales Director South EU Pharma Processing at Merck Group
  • Alessandro Pauletto - Events organizer, Senior Account Manager Microbial Solutions Charles River
  • Claudio Puglisi - Chapter liason and external associations, PQE Chief Operating Officer
  • Andrea Simonetti - Subject Matter Experts, Executive Pharmaceutical Consultant
  • Filippo Trionfera -Subject Matter Experts, Quality Operations Manager & Qualified Person BSP Pharmaceuticals



Steering Committee Tasks



Membership Developer

She/he will take care of setting strategies and initiatives to increase the number of memberships


She/he will review and develop the communication and the text to promote new events and initiatives also through web tools like Linkedin, twitter, etc...

Chapter liason and external associations

She/he will take care of relationships with external associations like AFI, ISPE and others and promote new shared initiatives. Moreover she/he will be involved in the relationship with regulatory agencies like AIFA, ICH, AFTI  and others

Coordinator of Younger professionals

She/he will create the strategies to contact younger professionals to bring  new ideas and innovation. This includes the creation of new contacts and shared initiatives with university.

Events organizer

She/he will give directions to the operative secretary and supervise the organization of the events.

Subject Matter Experts

She /he will propose topics and update  the PDA Italy Team on latest industry trends for specific topics.



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