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Workshop on the Manufacture of Parenteral Sterile Pharmaceuticals Using Blow/Fill/Seal Technology


Evento rimandato al 2021. STAY TUNED!


Workshop on the Manufacture of Parenteral Sterile Pharmaceuticals Using Blow/Fill/Seal Technology

Villa Cordellina, Montecchio Maggiore e visita allo stabilimento di Brevetti Angela, Arzignano (VI)



Blow-Fill-Seal (BFS) technology has been used for pharmaceutical and liquid medical device manufacturing since the 1970s. This processing technology has become accepted worldwide for both aseptic and terminally sterilized liquid products and is currently used in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

BFS technology has been gaining an increasing worldwide acceptance in the parenteral drug marketplace, including biological substances such as vaccines or monoclonal antibodies. BFS technology offers several benefits over conventional aseptic filling such as economies in container closure processing, reduced process steps and human interactions, reduced particle contamination, increased package robustness and anti-counterfeiting.

The conference is structured into three main sections covering:

  • BFS technology theory and main applications
  • Standard and regulatory aspects
  • Workshop with practical demonstrations


The agenda has been crafted to include both a general overview of the benefits given by BFS technology in the matter of parenteral applications and important developments from BFS equipment manufacturer with worldwide robust industrial experience.

The Workshop is organized at the headquarters of Brevetti Angela as regards practical activities; the conference will be held and in the splendid setting of Villa Cordellina, an eighteenth-century palace decorated with frescoes by the Italian painter Giambattista Tiepolo, an architecture that combines Palladian tradition with Baroque forms and that is immersed in a wonderful park.

A great opportunity is also given to the exhibitors to present themselves and their product and service portfolio; a dedicated time slot has been added to the agenda for this specific purpose.



Andrea Simonetti (chairman, Xepics)
Angela Molaschi (president PDA ITALY Chapter, NTC)
Gabriele Peron (Stevanato Group)
Lucia Ceresa (Charles River)




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