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The long journey of pharma: present, past, and future to succeed and innovate in the new digital era


We will go through an overview of how technology challenges are changing, how fast they are evolving and how the effects of such exponential pace have shaken up some sectors, force some others to follow and, in some cases, change dramatically. We will deep dive into how pharma has responded to the new pace and why this sector is still in a “follower” position, instead of driving the change and leading breakthrough innovations by exploiting their incredible resources and stunning discoveries of the last couple of decades. We will try to figure out how to accelerate such pace and become more “human-centric” by exploring some methodologies and best practices in the business. 

Two use cases in biotech-pharma where AI brings powerful value to the manufacturing process will be presented:

  • CPV of the Future
  • the benefits of AI understanding the continuous variability in biopharma manufacturing processes and the impact of the raw material attributes in downstream processes



10:00 – 10:05

Opening remarks and proposed discussion topic – Mirko Gabriele, Thermofisher

10:05 – 10:45

Adriano La Vopa, ain’t a GAME

10:45 – 11:10

Meet the sponsor: PQE -  Case Study

11:10 – 11:20


11:20 – 12:00

Toni Manzano and Joeri van Wijngaarden, Aizon

12:00– 12:15


12:15 – 13:00

Round table open panel expert’s discussion: Mirko Gabriele, Thermofisher Angela Molaschi, Pharmatex; Claudio Puglisi, PQE;
Lucia Ceresa, Charles River Microbial Solution; Gabriele Peron, Stevanato Group; Alessandro Pauletto, Charles River




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